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MHungry Card
MHungry’s Exclusive Multi-Restaurant Reward Card
"Be Rewarded for Being A Valued Customer"
Nowadays, most of the companies provide great loyalty benefits to its consumers. Wish your favorite restaurants rewarded you.
Earn Loyalty Rewards
  • Register FREE at to be enrolled in this money-saving program.
  • Participating restaurants set a target amount for you to fulfill. i.e. Rs.100 spending target to receive 5% reward.
  • Hit the mark and you’ll receive a Loyalty Coupon or Discount.
  • Loyalty Reward is good for one time use, on your next purchase from that same restaurant.(Remaining credits will be rolled over.)
    Track Your Loyalty Rewards
  • Sign-In to your MHungry account.
  • Select “My Account” to see your accumulated rewards from each restaurant.
  • Track your reward status (refer below) to decide which restaurants to frequent next.
  • Restaurant City BONUS (on next order) Loyalty Reward Target Amount Amount needed to
    Bonus Reward
    Demo Restaurant1 Kolkata Rs.5.00 Rs.100.00 Only Rs.20.00 for bonus
    Demo Restaurant2 Kolkata Rs.5.00 Rs.0 For every purchase you will get 5.00 of amount as reward. You can consume this reward on your next purchase.
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